Jean Pascal’s Heavyweight Career Since 2018

Jean-Pascal 2018 became a real boxing legend, he consistently held high positions in the ranking of the best boxers and terrified many opponents. This says a lot about his skill and endurance. However, after a series of unsuccessful matches in the light heavyweight division, the boxer announced his move to the heavyweight division. Even despite the fact that earlier in the media there were statements from the boxer’s managers about ending his career. In this article, we will look at the main events and matches that took place during this period!

The Only Heavyweight Fight

Already in June 2018, the boxer’s coach announced that the transition had taken place and very soon the boxer would meet Steve Bosse in the ring. His future rival had great physical strength because he devoted almost his entire life to martial arts and later even was a hockey player. However, the fight did not last long. Already in the eighth round, Pascal knocked out his opponent. It was a significant event because since 2006 the athlete has not finished a single match by knockout. Fans rejoiced, but not for long. After all, as it turned out later, Bosse went to the hospital with serious injuries, namely an injury to the legal biceps and a broken jaw.

Nevertheless, Pascal said that he did not plan to end his career as a boxer. But fans have not heard any information regarding the transition to light heavyweight or the continuation of fights in the current division. Everyone held their breath and in September there was information about the upcoming fight with the heavyweight champion Kopas. But a tragedy happened that forced the boxer to cancel the fight, his father died of a heart attack.

After such a blow, the boxer did not return to the ring soon, but nevertheless, at the end of 2018, he agreed to fight with Dmitry Bivol. And that meant going back to light heavyweight.

Return to the Previous Division

The fight with Bivol ended with the complete defeat of Pascal. The judges unanimously, and by a wide margin, awarded the victory to the reigning champion. The next time the boxer will enter the ring is in August 2019, when he meets with Marcus Brown for the WBA champion title. Despite the fact that Brown had never lost before that day, on this day the boxer was able to win the title. Although the victory was technical at the end of the eighth round, Pascal knocked out his opponent three times during the match. This gave him a serious points lead and also made him popular among the fans.

Pascal’s Last Match so Far

In the same 2019, the boxer met in the ring with Badu Jack, who also held champion titles in similar weight categories for a long time. It was a real battle of the titans because the exchange of formidable blows lasted until the final round. Both athletes were knocked down and received serious blows to different parts of the body. The match ended in a very controversial decision by the referees. Nevertheless, the boxer won and defended the belt.

Badu Jack decided to win back and the athletes agreed on revenge. However, Pascal failed the doping test. This news shocked the public. The match was canceled. And the boxer was ordered to pass another test, which also revealed violations. After this scandal, which occurred in June 2021, Pascal rarely appears in camera lenses and little is known about his future plans.

Who is Your Favorite Boxer?

Despite all the setbacks and defeats, Pascal remains one of the greatest boxers of our time. Few people can break his record, and his style and technicality remain at the highest level. Share this article with your friends!